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Thera-band Comfort Fit Ankle/Wrist Cuff Weights, Set of 2, Green, 1.5-Pound from Thera-Band

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Perfect for property workout applications, the thera-band comfort and ease in shape ankle & wrist excess weight sets are offered in a few shade-coded excess weight sets ranging from crimson (two one lb. weights), to inexperienced (two one.5 lb. weights), to blue (two 2.5 lb. weights).

Product Features

  • The comfort fit ankle & wrist weight sets allow users to increase weight in strength training and rehabilitation programs without changing technique, which is fundamental to the principles of progressive exercise
  • In addition to traditional upper and lower body strengthening exercises, the weight sets can be used to enhance balance training or stabilization exercises
  • Great for rehabilitation and sports training, the thera-band comfort fit ankle & wrist weight sets are a valuable tool for physical therapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers and their patients / clients.

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