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The Knobble II by the Pressure Positive Company, Sapphire Blue from The Pressure Positive Company at the Sex Toys and Safe-Sex Discount Guide
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The Knobble II by the Pressure Positive Company, Sapphire Blue by The Pressure Positive Company

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he Knobble II is the freshly developed cousin of the all-wooden classic favorite of therapists and self care lovers. Even now about the measurement of a standard doorknob, it is created of long lasting polymer. The base is held in the palm of the hand, and the efficiently rounded idea is used to implement stress to bring about points in gentle tissue. The Knobble II has the extra gain of a gentle band of non-latex, Santoprene close to the base that allows for friction techniques. Bodyworkers usually use the Knobble II to conserve wear and tear on their palms when making use of deep, extended stress to knots or strands of contracted muscle mass. But the Knobble II is not intended to change your recovery palms, only to support them do much more and final extended. Bear in mind to position by yourself in these kinds of a way that you use your bodyweight, not just your energy, to implement stress to the muscle mass. Avoid immediate stress in opposition to the backbone and other bones.

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