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Si Belt - Sacroiliac Belt - Medium - Hip Size 32" - 42" from Saunders at the Sex Toys and Safe-Sex Discount Guide
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Si Belt - Sacroiliac Belt - Medium - Hip Size 32" - 42" from Saunders


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The sacroiliac belt can be used to provide protected assistance of the pelvis and sacroiliac joints to ease soreness. The belt wraps close to the hips to squeeze the SI joints collectively. This supports and stabilizes the pelvis and SI joints. It is worn really tightly. Our exclusive belt floor has solved the problem of SI belts driving up from body movement, and our semi-elastic belt allows you to effortlessly tighten it for a snugger in shape. It conforms to the normal contours of the pelvis even though nonetheless providing the rigid assistance the SI joint wants.

Product Features

  • Comfortable, plush feel
  • Belt conforms to the natural contours of the pelvis, especially important for women
  • Silicone channels provide non-slip support
  • Belt stays put below the ASIS, even with activity
  • Velcro attachment method adjusts to any width

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