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Master Series Twin Screws Stainless Steel Nipple Press
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Master Series Twin Screws Stainless Steel Nipple Press

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Enjoy some sensual nipple torment with the Twin Screws Nipple Press. Suit the cool, metallic crossbars over their nipple and get started to tighten the screws. Tweak the match just a little for some mild stress or straightforward adornment, or clamp down more challenging for stricter willpower. The Twin Screws are completely adjustable to enable you find the perfect amount of torment to inflict on your lover. Measurements: Crossbars are one.29 inches extended, .26 inches in diameter, Adjustable Screws are one.63 inches extended, Center opening adjusts from to .76 extended, and is .79 inches broad. Substance: Stainless Steel. Note: Value is for one particular (one) Nipple Press.

Product Features

  • Fit the cool, metal crossbars over their nipple and begin to tighten the screws
  • Tweak the fit just a little for some light pressure or simple adornment
  • The Twin Screws are fully adjustable to let you find the perfect level of torment

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